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  • Luna is a licensed security service provider (licence number L-0083/09 from April 15th , 2009, it is a continuation of a licence number L-0365/01). We are a dynamic firm with more than 600 clients.
  • Our mission is our client’s peace of mind, we guarantee our clients protection by guarding and monitoring along with the latest security technology.
  • We retain only high quality personnel possessing integrity, character and a work ethic. If you are not protected or your current security services don’t meet your expectations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Among our clients are:

- Akademia Medyczna
- Politechnika Śląska
- Hope Medical Institute Usa - Katowice
- Toyota
- Hkl Baumaschinen Polska
- Ośrodek Pomiarów I Automatyki Pw S.A
- Lifton Polska

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