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Physical security

A security officer’s primary duties are protection of property and assets and prevention and deterrence of crime. Detailed functions of security guards and specified safeguarding plan are prepared according to your needs and expectations.

Exemplary responsibilities of a safe officer:

  1. controlling the access at building entrances and vehicle gates (register)

  2. patrolling premises inside and outside

  3. taking care of the keys, sealing and checking premises before finishing work

  4. giving basic information to petitioners

  5. making everyday reports.

  6. Other duties can be specified depending
    on our customer’s needs.


   CCTV is the cheapest and the most effective way of protecting assets. Video cameras transmit a signal to a specific place on a set of monitors.

   The standard time of arrival of the security staff during the day is 15 minutes and 5 minutes at night. If there’s a need CCTV operators may call the ambulance, police department or fire department.


Money convoys are conducted in compliance with the Personal and Property Security Act. For cash transport we choose reliable and trusted employees who are specialized
in this field of security business.


luna @ adres.pl

+48 500 150 914


Among our clients are:

- Akademia Medyczna
- Politechnika Śląska
- Hope Medical Institute Usa - Katowice
- Toyota
- Hkl Baumaschinen Polska
- Ośrodek Pomiarów I Automatyki Pw S.A
- Lifton Polska

Our standard service offerings include:

  • - patrol services
  • - monitoring
  • - security guards
  • - physical security of property
  • - special event security services
  • - convoys
  • - alarm systems (design, installation, service).








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