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Alarm systems

Burglar and fire alarms are electronic alarms designed to alert the user to a specific danger. We install only alarms with certification that can be installed in buildings with serious hazard risk.

Alarms systems include :

  1. microprocessor based central units

  2. GSM transmitters

  3. motion detectors, microwave detectors, magnetic detectors etc.

  4. code manipulators

  5. acoustic and opto-acoustic indicators

  6. panic buttons and radiolines.

We assure fast installation,
24-hour service, post-warranty service and professional workmanship. Obviously, we undertake to maintain the secrecy.

  1. free design of alarm systems

  2. alarm installation

  3. fire alarm installation

  4. CCTV

  5. access control systems

  6. maintenance of security systems

  7. warranty and post-warranty service(24-hour)

  8. twenty-four-hour technical and after-burglary service.


CCTV is based, among other things, on sophisticated transceiver systems that are used to transmit visual signals. Our solutions involve the use of professional equipment that ensures high quality and optimal safety.

        CCTV is often used for surveillance in areas that need monitoring such as shops, banks, schools, petrol stations, open spaces or streets. It also becomes more popular and more available to home owners.

CCTV components:

- video cameras for internal and external use

- lens (with constant or variable focal length)

- video server

- damage-proof video camera cases

- devices that allow wireless communication between monitored areas and monitoring center

- monochromatic or color monitor.

        In the case of trespassing on a monitored area, the system informs CCTV operator who gives information to the nearest car patrol. CCTV operators are obliged to call the ambulance, police department or fire department in a case of emergency.

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Among our clients are:

- Akademia Medyczna
- Politechnika Śląska
- Hope Medical Institute Usa - Katowice
- Toyota
- Hkl Baumaschinen Polska
- Ośrodek Pomiarów I Automatyki Pw S.A
- Lifton Polska


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